The post-it note desk

By David HornDesign

Oh I love this desk!  Furniture that demands to be doodled on … For those who constantly forget to wear their Post-it watches, and like to take down notes on their desks, Milan-based design firm SoupStudio created an almost-ideal workstation for designers that always give you access to reminders and free doodling space.   via

The BBC Weather Website

By David HornDesign

The BBC Weather website really has become a thing of beauty.  The weather itself, less so.  But I love their latest innovation … a rising, falling, musical scale of the temperature.  Super.

Grid apps, bookmarks and coffee tables

By David HornDesign, Everything Else

There are many things that consistently vex me.  Solutions for three of them presented themselves this rainy Tuesday morning – too good not to share. Bookmarks I don’t have a problem with bookmarks.  (We’re talking about the physical book mark here – something you use to keep your place in a real, physical, book).  My … Read More