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Oops I’m a bit late with the monthly round up this month. It’s been a month of travelling, prosthetic limbs (not mine!), and family funerals (again, not mine). So bear with me but some good stuff found around and about: Single purpose, digital Camera for kids A couple of years ago, we bought … Read More

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I’ve fallen into a really poor habit. For the past however long, when anyone has asked me how I’m doing, or how it’s going, I’ve usually replied ‘Oh, you know, busy – really busy’ the standard response to that is often ‘oh, that’s great – great in this economy’. Which usually leaves me grumbling … Read More

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Oh, this looks interesting. Google Wallet (formerly Google Checkout) is introducing email payments to some of it’s Gmail users (presumably in advance of a broader roll out). Integrating neatly with your gmail attachment options, a little $ sign will allow you to send money free (free from your Google Wallet balance or from your bank … Read More

Thought for the day

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The ever quotable Tom Waits: “We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness. We are monkeys with money and guns.” See also: ‘Our minds need to go on a diet‘

Revisiting the Facebook IPO

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A year ago now I wrote a post about the Facebook IPO – and that I didn’t understand it. In that year, the price for a single share of Facebook is still $5 lower than it was on launch. It seems that some of the things I wrote about (lack of mobile monetization strategy, an … Read More

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I first found the Note Slate website a few years ago, originally linked to on and thought it was wonderful. Being able to scribble (doodle, write, sketch, take notes) on a device and have that device be able to save or share the document, seemed like a brilliant combination of old and new – … Read More

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Marissa Mayer. She’s the CEO of Yahoo! Hired last July she was charged with the responsibility of making Yahoo! a relevant organisation again. Not an easy task. Since she joined she’s made a number of seemingly controversial calls – but all of them seem to have been the right thing, despite many (many) people dumping … Read More

Attractive USB Cables

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It’s not often you see the words ‘attractive’ and ‘cables’ in the same sentence but, and my wife is going to be pleased with this, there is an alternative to the ugly cable mess of most home office set ups: an attractive mess of cables. These great looking cables from Eastern Collective remind me … Read More

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Just a quick one I’ve got stuff to do. But I’m all about the productivity at the moment and wanted to share this great anecdote from Jerry Seinfeld (via lifehacker). Software developer Brad Isaacgot some great advice from Jerry Seinfeld: He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole … Read More