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The monthly round up of useful things I’ve found in the past ooh, 30 days or so. Dealing with broken padlocks on ecommerce sites: Occasionally, a site I’m working on will throw up problems around it’s security certificate an ecommerce site would typically require every element on it’s page be referencing a secure … Read More

A new way to make a living

By David HornBusiness, work

The other week – and for only the second time in 10 years – a customer declined to pay an invoice. I’m not going to go into the reasons – it wasn’t an especially acrimonious discussion, and it boiled down to a mis-understanding more than anything else, but still – it burnt for a little … Read More

Cute hiring message from Flickr

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If you’re an online company and you’re looking to hire web coders, what better place to advertise (for free, too) than in your own code. The way I learnt how to design websites was by visiting websites and clicking View > Source from the browser menu. That brings up a page of HTML used to … Read More

One Small Change

By David Hornwork

I’ve changed the way I work. It’s a small change but is already having a significant impact on how much I get done, and how I feel about what I’m doing. Currently, I’m reading 99U’s book called ‘Manage Your Day-To-Day‘ and, from the first chapter it’s struck a chord. The biggest problem we face today … Read More

The creativity myth

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Our understanding of creativity is a myth. I’ve heard dozens of people being described as ‘creative’, having their method characterised as creative, or their work as being somehow more ‘creative’ than someone else’s. Similarly, I’ve read articles on how to engage the creative process, to beat creative block, to become somehow ‘more’ creative. And it’s … Read More