Pricing for e-commerce web projects

By David Hornecommerce

Hi there – I’d like an e-commerce site just like – how much would that cost me? It’s a common enough question, and one that always leads your average freelance web designer to take a deep breath and sigh ‘Well, let me see …’. There are many factors that influence the cost of an … Read More

Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns

By David HornBusiness, Social Media

… boy, this has become an occasional blog! And this is just a quick note to let you know I’ve written a new article over on my blog for website owners. It’s a pretty basic guide to getting up and running with Facebook Ads. There’s a good bit of info in there, covering setting up … Read More

The Case for a Dedicated Mobile Website

By David HornMobile, Wordpress

Sometimes, a responsive web design is not the most appropriate way to develop a company’s mobile presence. There, I said it. Recently, all the talk is about responsive design – justifiably for the most part; it is a genuinely significant change for a lot of clients who now need to consider how and where their … Read More

Using Gmail with Organised Inboxes

By David HornBusiness, Email Marketing

It’s not often that Google introduces modifications that genuinely improve the way I work. Sure – plenty that are nice to haves (I just played with the latest version of Google Maps – and it looked and worked great – but a bit unnecessary since I had no problem with the old Google Maps, it … Read More

Glow in the dark trees

By David HornEverything Else

This caught my eye (and reminded me of the pavements that generated electricity), glowing plants that could be used to create sustainable natural lighting. Clever. The people behind it were looking for $65,000 on Kickstarter to help fund their project. They raised $484,013. Those that backed them on Kickstarter are going to be getting seeds … Read More

Does Google care about organic search?

By David HornSearch Engine Optimisation

Probably not. Not that much anyway. Since Google became the best place to get reliable search results on the web (what, 10 years ago?), they (and I) have been preaching that a well structured page with well written content containing a good balance of keyword information and useful information to the potential viewer, is the … Read More